Descriptive writing is an essential part of fiction writing, whether it's Slice of Life, Narrative or Poetry. It harnesses the senses, painting pictures in the reader's mind with carefully selected adjectives and adverbials, the best use of precise nouns and powerful verbs, and figures of speech such as onomatopaeia, alliteration and suitable simile, metaphor or personification (depending on the level of expertise of the author). The reader should be able to get an idea of the author from the writing (the author's voice). Above all, the author should 'show, not tell' in order to give the reader a more rewarding experience. Here the descriptions stand on their own, although they could be used as part of longer pieces of writing.

Title Author
At the Beach Written by Amy
Book Worm Ruby Written by Ruby
Describing Amy on the Trampoline Written by Love to Learn
Just Playing Playstation - A Description of Millar Written by Love to Learn
Kiel Playing With His Cars Written by Kiel
Liam Playing Lego Written by Love to Learn
Me! Artist Blake! Written by Love to Learn
Stella Eating Fruit Written by Love to Learn
Super Gamer! A Description of Reilly Written by Love to Learn
The Littlest Monster Written by Liam