About the Author

Love to Learn has been set up by Lynda Johansson Nunweek. Both an educator and a writer living in Auckland, New Zealand, she has a Masters Degree in English Literature from Auckland University. She has been teaching in the Primary Sector for many years and has had non fiction readers published in both the Reciprocal Reader Connectors and Into-Connectors series, and the Key Links series published by Jill Eggleton. She is currently working on a series of fiction stories about two families living in Ponsonby with the backdrop of life experienced through different decades in the 20th Century. The first, set during World War One, is called June and Anne's Great War. The second, set in the Great Depression is called The Sugar-bag Detectives, and the third, War Diaries and War Brides, is set during World War II.

 These are free for reading on-line and can be found under the Books tab on the front page of this site.

And here's her cat, Tilly!