Animal Reports

 Non fiction reports let a reader gain a better understanding about both living or non living subjects. The report could contain facts about a contemporary or historic event, something in nature, or even something in space. These can be in the form of less formal articles, found in newspapers, magazines, books or on the Internet. Or they can be more formal information reports that will have an introduction; facts in paragraphs, usually under headings; and a concluding summary. Reports will usually be complemented with photographs and sketches with captions and labels, maps, diagrams, fact boxes and a glossary. More formal information reports should have a bibliography with at least three sources. The tone in non fiction is always more formal than in fiction, with facts, not opinions, used, and a minimal author's voice, limited to the introduction and conclusion.

Title Author
Adder Snakes Written by Reilly
Brown Bears Written by Millar
Dragonflies Written by Amy
Eurasian Wolves Written by Liam
Grey Seals Written by Charlie
Land Otters
Lynx Written by Amy
Snowy Owls
The Japanese Giant Salamander Written by Ruby
The Japanese Serow Written by Kiel