Explanations are non fiction texts that tell why something happens or explain how a particular phenomenon occurs. These, like informational reports, contain formal language where the author's voice is less obvious and the material is factual. They are arranged in sections under headings with an introduction and a summarising conclusion. Diagrams, photographs, sketches, maps and boxed information may be present, accompanied by headings, captions and labels. 

Title Author Hits
Does the size of the universe ever end? Written by Emma 286
How Bees Are in Trouble Written by Millar 297
How do Meteorites Happen? Written by Liam 281
How Flies Walk On Ceilings Written by Kiel 262
How Were Crinolines a Crazy Fashion? Written by Ruby 308
Mosquito Madness Written by Love to Learn 287
We've always wondered... Written by Love to Learn 268
Why did the Vikings Become Marauders? Written by Amy 470
Why don't birds on power lines get electrocuted? Written by Kate 272
Why Whales Were Hunted Written by Kiel 272