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Dancing Mat Typing Level 1 Written by Love to Learn
Studyladder Written by Love to Learn


  • Games

    The purpose of these games is to reinforce the phonics strips you have been meeting in the orange pop-ups in your reading. They are based around a handful of old games so the rules are quite straightforward. I will add more as I design them.

  • Dice & Spinners

    Some of the games require special dice or spinners. You can either print these out on card or laminate, or you can adapt a dice or spinner you already own.

  • Cloze Activities

    The pieces of writing you have read with your tutor or teacher come back to greet you here in the form of cloze activities. They will be familiar to you and still have a little bit of colour-coded scaffolding. Just read them again and follow the instructions to choose the best place to put each missing word from the box below.

  • Follow-up Activities

    This section contains planning templates and other activities. Some you may do as part of the lesson, some you can do off your own back if they look interesting after you have read the text that they follow up on. Some have competitions attached so keep an eye out. 

  • Language Building

    These activities give you practice at building up your vocabulary, and creating really powerful sentences. You get to explore how you can show different moods by your language choices, how to use conjunctions and connectives to create both compound and complex sentences, ways to mix up the lengths and starts of your sentences, and how to use this to vary your writing style. There are activities on how to 'show, not tell' your ideas and feelings, how to write good dialogue and how to develop your characters. I will add more as I design them.

  • Posters

    I will be adding posters that can be downloaded and printed off for the students to keep in their files for referring to independently.

  • ESL