Poor Mr Pritchard

Category: Slice of Life

oldmansorebackPoor Mr Pritchard.Pritchard. We were not very nice to him. We were alwaysalways playingplaying pranks on him. One time we left a brick wrappedwrapped up in ChristmasChristmas paperpaper on the road so he stoppedstopped his car to check it out. AnotherAnother time we left a silversilver tray on the road but it had fishingfishing line tiedtied to it and we pulledpulled it awayaway from him as he bent down to try to pick it up. We were reallyreally mean.  

The last trick we playedplayed on him was when we knockedknocked at his front door. As we heard him comecoming to see who was there, we ran away.away. We did this a secondsecond time and then a third time. That time, Pam fell over and he caught her. He was very angryangry with us. We were worryworried that he was going to tell our parentsparents about what we had done.

We went home and waitedwaited for the troubletrouble to begin. We waited and we waited but nothingnothing happened.happened. We felt reallyreally bad about how mean we had been to the poor old man.



Clarify these words: pranks, wrapped, check out, silver, fishing line, worried.

Retell what has happened in this Slice of Life.

What prediction can you made about what might have happened next?

Make inferences or give opinions about:

  • Why they say Poor Mr Pritchard at the beginning.
  • Why he would check out a present on the road and how he would feel when he opened it.
  • Why he would check out a silver tray on the road and how he would feel when it was pulled away form him.
  • How Mr Pritchard caught Pam.
  • What they were worried about.
  • What they were waiting for when they went home. 
  • Whether Mr Pritchard told their parents. 
  • How they felt about Mr Pritchard at the end.


What question could you ask about this Slice of Life?

Visualise these uses of descriptive language: a brick wrapped up in Christmas paper; pulled away from him as he bent down to pick it up; very angry with us; waited and waited for the trouble to begin .

Make a connection with this narrative so far.

Word Study

Verb endings: What happens when we add sed or ing to: wrap, stop, come, worry.

Other affixes: What happens when we add other prefixes and suffixes like ly to these words: real. 

What two words make up these compound wordsalways, another, away.

What other words belong to this sequence: _____, second, third, _____, _____.