Engine Trouble Chapter 2

Category: Engine Trouble

Screen Shot 2016 02 15 at 11.33.04 AMHalfwayHalfway home the motor stopped.stopped. Mr Gale wound the startingstarting rope aroundaround the flywheelflywheel and gave it a swift pull to start the motor but nothingnothing happened.happened. He wound the rope and pulledpulled again.again. Mia, Ricki and Tim said nothing at all, because they knew that when the outboardoutboard motor behavedd like that it made their father very cross. And people talkingtalking and askingasking questionsquestions such as, “Why does notdoesn’t    it go, Dad?” made him a great deal crossercrosser still.

Mr Gale wound the rope around the flywheel and gave it anotheranother quick, strong pull, and againagain nothing happened.

“I wish Dad would just let us row home,” thought Mia, but she did notdidn’t    say anythinganything aloud.aloud.   

“I do wish I could have a turn pulling,”pulling,” thought Ricki but he didn’t say anythinganything aloud, either.

Mr Gale pickedpicked up the starting rope, wound it around the flywheel, and gave it a tremendoustremendous pull. Nothing happened. "Now, one more try, and if it doesn't go this time, we willwe'll        row home." For the last time he wound the starting rope around the flywheel and gave the quickest,quickest, strongeststrongest pull of all. "Prrrtt" went the motor, sendingsending the little boat swiftlyswiftly acrossacross the estuary.estuary. But in anotheranother minuteminute it had stoppedstopped and nothing Mr Gale could do was any good. The motor would not start again that afternoon.afternoon. The children, even Tim, took turns to row until they reacheded home.


Summarise what has happened so far in this narrative.

Clarify these words: halfway, wound, starting rope, flywheel, outboard motor, behave, cross, either, tremendous, Prrrtt, swiftly.

Retell what has happened in this chapter.

Make inferences and give opinions about:

  • How they started this outboard motor.
  • How this might be different on a modern outboard motor.
  • Why Mr Gale might have got crosser if they talked.
  • How Mr Gale would be feeling every time he pulls the rope to start the motor.
  • Why Ricki and Mia are thinking but not speaking aloud their thoughts.
  • Why Mr Gale is giving it one last pull.
  • What kind of word 'Prrrtt' is and why.
  • Why the boat was sent swiftly across the estuary.
  • Why the text says 'even Tim'.


What prediction can you make about what might happen next?

What question could you ask about this chapter?

Visualise these uses of descriptive language: wound the starting rope around the flywheel and gave it a swift pull; when the outboard motor behaved like this it made their father very cross; a great deal crosser still; a tremendous pull; the quickest, strongest pull of all; "Prrrtt" went the motor; sending the little boat swiftly across the estuary.

Make a connection with this chapter.

Word Study

Verb endings: What happens when we add sed or ing to: stop, wind, give, know, behave, make, do, wish, say, think.

Other affixes: What happens when we add other prefixes and suffixes like er, est to these words: cross, quick, strong.

What two words make up these compound words: halfway, flywheel, nothing, outboard, another, again, anything, aloud, across, afternoon.

What two words are contracted here: doesn't, didn't, we'll.

What other words that end in -ous like tremendous do you know?